Entire Case Management within Outlook :

In the last few years, the use of corporate legal software has become crucial among in-house counsel within Government, Insurance and other commercial organizations.  Whether you require a tool for  Contract management, eDiscovery, Legal Hold or Civil litigation matters; Legal Track™ has it all.  Legal Track™ is also used by Law firms to manage their law practices.

How you are different:

There is no shortage of legal software programs  on the market these days. At the same time, there are various organizations with differing needs. On one hand there are legal departments and law firms that simply want to choose a system based on the lowest price. For this type of organization, a basic run of the mill ‘commoditized software’ may be the answer. These programs are easy to find through a quick internet search; no credit card required!. Often, the same organizations start their search all over again, after having a poor experience with a sub-par system.

On the other hand, there are forward looking organizations in search of a ‘solution’, that they can implement and use in a strategic manner. Their focus is above and beyond maintaining case related information electronically and using it at a basic level. When reviewing the software, this type of user base ensures that each and every aspect of the case tracking system performs just the way they want it. Not only that, they also understand that time is money and want a software solution that allows their users to quickly and efficiently accomplish tasks. Microsoft Outlook integration is essential to them because they use it heavily for the matter management.

They do not want to hit a wall when they realize the software they’ve chosen, cannot accommodate their changing needs. Instead, they need a system that can easily handle new requirements with minimal tweaking. They need a tool that is scalable enough to run their specific workflows seamlessly in the background, so nothing falls through the cracks. They know that the data stored within the software, helps them analyze important case and client information for better decision making.

They also anticipate the inevitable need to move towards a paperless office, by adopting an integrated document management system. Above all they want an enterprise-class system with an industry-standard, platform that can perform optimally at a corporate-level with zero downtime.

How we are different:

Legal Track™ is designed exactly for the type of organization described above. It caters to serious minded companies looking for a serious solution. Our software is able to fit the needs of almost any client looking for a legal case tracking solution. To us, no two clients have the same requirements and our software is able to provide the desired solution to each one of them, exactly the way they want it. In a nutshell, we do not just offer a piece of software. We offer a Solution that is not restricted by technical limitations.

Legal Track technical strengths:

Legal Track™ is more than a case management solution that’s integrated with Outlook. Our software is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Built from a strong foundation while being powered by Microsoft, our software stores data on robust SQL servers and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange (hosted and on premise), Microsoft SharePoint (document management) and Microsoft Office 365 Suite. No matter what your issue is, Legal Track™ can handle it.



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